The Deepening of Fall

As a knitter, Fall is my favorite season. My sweaters get to be out on display, not hidden away under bulky jackets and parkas. The artistry of a pair fingerless mitts grace my hands, as opposed to heavy gloves or mittens to keep them warm. I’ve been knitting berets out of wool, the kind that look cute as head coverings but also can be pulled over my ears if the weather turns.

As an observant Jew, the deepening of fall signals a respite from the holiday season of Tishrei. The cycle of the week returns to normal and there is no longer a holiday every time you turn around. We can settle into our own homes, relishing in the quiet of winter.

As a budding seasonal eater, I am thrilled that cruciferous vegetables are back on my table. Broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are some of my favorite tastes of late fall. Also apples. Really, fall is the only time to eat apples if you would like them to taste like food. I am also learning to preserve and pickle. I have radishes and turnips pickling with garlic, scallions and red pepper flakes in a jar in my kitchen. There is a crock of very thick spiced applesauce in my refrigerator – my first failed attempt at apple butter (as the local apples are $0.99/lb right now, there will be more attempts). I have begun to look back on the year’s produce and plan for next year to actually be able to really eat from the farm without our produce dying. I’m hoping to make blueberry jam for my husband’s morning bagels and get a better handle on the stone-fruit situation.

I’m relishing in salted caramel hot chocolate, crisp evenings and soup weather (which is reminding me to make kale and fake chorizo and white bean soup). We’ve already had snow, which really brings me back to my childhood (in which I only understood the point of Sukkot as an outside holiday after spending it in Israel) and memories of the kids going trick-or-treating in parkas. I’m beginning to anticipate peppermint everywhere (CVS has the mint M&Ms already!) and can’t wait for my favorite twice yearly holiday – half price chocolate day!

It’s a good time to be a knitter, a good time to be a cook, and a relaxing time to be a Jew. Enjoy.


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