“Why the crockpot dinners?” It’s a question I’m getting asked a lot these days as I post our dinners to Facebook.

The first answer is time. I can get a series of meals prepped after my daughter goes to sleep and they can cook all day while we go to the park, run errands, etc. This is also the reason that the bulk of our weeknight starches is rice from the rice cooker. I can put the rice in during Monster’s nap on a time delay and it’ll be hot and fluffy for dinner.

The second answer is simplicity. Because Himself prefers chicken breast cutlets, we tend to buy them in bulk at Costco. They need to be stored, and it makes a whole lot more sense to store them in the sauce they’ll be cooked in rather than as individual cutlets that need to be defrosted, prepped and cooked. I still freeze some as individual cutlets, but the bulk now gets frozen as meals.

Hope that answers some of the questions!


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