Mission Insanity

My mission (and I chose to accept it) was to feed a group of kosher and shabbat observing Science Fiction and Fantasy fans over Arisia (a regional convention) in a hotel. My tools were 2 six quart crockpots, one 20 cup rice cooker, one 36 quart cooler and two room refrigerators in a hotel suite. Knives and cutting boards were also provided.

Mission parameters:

  • One hot meal and one cold meal served every day
  • Feed two adults on a low FODMAPs diet
  • Feed one set of five year old twins, a two year old and our Monster
  • Successfully feed the rest of a group of adults ranging in number from 8-14

Meals Served:

Friday Night Dinner: cooked chicken (regular BBQ sauce, HFCS free BBQ sauce and a cobbled together Asian marinade), oven roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and green beans), rice and green salad.

Saturday Lunch: Beef Stew (browned flanken, butternut squash, turnips, carrots and beef broth), crock pot roasted potatoes, rice, roasted vegetables and green salad.

Saturday Dinner: make your own sandwiches. Deli, sliced cheese and tunafish provided, along with pickles and chips.

Sunday Lunch: make your own sandwiches.

Sunday Dinner: crock pot Maple Mustard Chicken (mix maple syrup, dijon mustard and rice vinegar until it tastes right*), roasted vegetables, rice and green salad.

Monday Lunch: Please make our food go away.

This catering operation involved multiple Costco and grocery runs, spilled flanken and broth all over my kitchen floor, oil splashed in my closed eye and a whole lot of stress. I do feel that it paid off, but next year this process will require retooling.

Everyone ate well, including those with complicated diets. We overbought some on deli and overbought A LOT on salad greens and vegetables. At the convention, there was a small mishap with the rice cooker, but otherwise everything went pretty smoothly. I will probably keep using this particular loose formula for maple-mustard chicken because it came out really well.



* Somewhat like a honey mustard, only more mustard forward and without honey.


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