Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I talk a pretty good crunchy game. I attempt to grow some of my food, I cloth diapered until our washing machine stopped working properly, I cook a lot of my own food from scratch, pickle and put up preserves. But I still go through a chunk of various disposables. Chiefly being cotton pads to clean my face.

Last month, I knit myself a washcloth. I use this awesome facial scrub from Lush and I really need a washcloth to get it off properly. So I dug out my hoard of kitchen cotton and after 10 years of knitting, knit the gold standard of newbie projects.

I like the nubs, they add extra exfoliating power.

After a few days of using it to wash my face (and at least one trip through the washer), I discovered I liked using the smoother side of the washcloth to get toner off my face. But you don’t need such a big cloth for that, so I whipped this up:

This looks WAY bigger than it is

So now that I have this, I’ll probably whip up a few more. And that means fewer cotton face pads purchased and then thrown out. So that’s a good thing.